Rutkowsky Pottery

Rutkowsky Pottery

Michael Rutkowsky &

Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky

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Reduction fired stoneware pottery uniquely made, signed, and dated by the artist. Pottery created with joy and attention to detail, each piece is designed to function well for a variety of uses as well add beauty to the life of the user! Enjoy our non toxic, non stick pottery that is oven, microwave, & dishwasher safe, guaranteed.

Custom Pottery

Custom Ware

We make a large catalog of items with an ever growing variety of surface decoration! From dinnerware place settings, table lamps, and vessel sinks to commemorative etched-ware, we also include sculptural forms made on commission.



Ever evolving body of work, many of our sculptural forms are weather safe yet are suited to be enjoyed in a variety of settings. Creatures of fur, fin, and feather show up in a various ways as well as human figures. Keep posted for what’s next!